對馬 正
President and Representative Director Founder, CEO
Tadashi Tsushima
  The University of Tokyo - expelled.
1997 Joined SQUARE CO., LTD. as a software engineer. Developed "Vagrant Story" (RPG for PlayStation) and "Play Online" (online game platform).
2006 Transfered to US subsidiary UIEvolution, Inc. Developed "UIEngine" (user agent for embedded devices).
2007 Returned to SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. Directed "GAME BRAIN" (game development environment) and a R&D Project.
2009 Joined DeNA Co., Ltd. as a software design engineer. Directed "Bandit Nation" (PC version of Kaito Royale) and "Pico Pico Town" (3D virtual space).
2011 Transfered to US subsidiary DeNA Global Inc. Developed "ngCore" (game engine for smartphnoes).
2011 Rejoined SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO., LTD. as Web Technology Director.
Introduced web technology to square enix group as W3C representative.
2012 Became President and Representative Director, fuzz, Inc.
Yoshiki Kashitani
Executive Vice President and Director Founder, COO & CTO
Yoshiki Kashitani
1995 Joined NEC Corporation as a software engineer after graduating from the Kumamoto University Faculty of Engineering. Developed the OS of UX/4800 (Japanese domestic UNIX).
1998 Joined SQUARE CO., LTD. as a software engineer. Developed "Vagrant Story" (RPG for the PlayStation) and "Play Online" (online game platform).
Directed "Dirge Of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII", "Final Fantasy XIII" and "Final Fantasy XIII-2" as lead programmer.
2012 Joined fuzz, Inc. as Executive Vice President and Director.
赤羽 雄二
Director Founder
Yuji Akaba
1978 Joined Komatsu Ltd. as a design engineer after graduating from the University of Tokyo.
Studied at Stanford University from 1983 to 1985 (MS, Degree of Engineer).
1986 Joined McKinsey & Company.
Spearheaded McKinsey's practice in Korea since 1990, leading the successful development of its Seoul office which grew beyond 120 staff in less than 10 years.
2000 Joined Techfarm Asia Ventures as a managing director.
2002 Established Breakthrough Partners. Its mission is to help entrepreneurs start up, develop and build world-class venture business based in Japan, or based on cross-border alliances with companies in Silicon Valley, China, Korea, India, Israel and so forth.